About TD Labs

TDLabs is a creative Studio operating in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2008.

Based on the concept “Design is Translation”, we are specialized in “Communication Design”, ranging from websites to print and product packaging design.

We offer services tailored to small to medium sized businesses, designed to help them start up. Our unique creative process allows for higher quality and usability at considerably lower prices than our competitors.

Our Principles

At TD Labs we have a few simple but effective ground rules. These rules are here to ensure that we provide our customers with the top quality they learned to expect when dealing with us.

Understand the Client’s Needs

By understanding our customers needs, we can meet and surpass them.

Be Accountable

All our work is guaranteed to last and perform. If there are any discrepancies down the road we won’t back down from fixing them.

Be On Time

We never miss deadlines and we test your site regularly to make sure there will be no issues before launch.

Push the limits

Our designs are revolutionary and new

Embrace new technologies

We always like to keep up with the latest trends and deliver products that use the newest technologies available.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

While we do most of our thinking outside of the box, we do not try to reinvent the wheel. Whenever possible we will use existing solutions and build on them to save you precious time and money.

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