Over time when dealing with social media and observing how other companies manage their accounts, I have been able to come up with a recipe for creating an engaging post on Facebook. This guide will show you how to present your information, but it is still up to you to properly formulate the message and make sure it is relevant to your users and brand.
The above animation will present you with a visual walkthrough, while the downloadable interactive worksheet will allow you to follow along as you post your content, to make sure that you don’t miss a step.

Free Worksheet

We put together a simple worksheet to help you create the perfect post. Just download, print and follow along.

Download Worksheet

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Get your Idea Straight

Before you even go ahead and post the message ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. How will this post benefit most of my audience?
  2. What action would I like my audience to perform?
  3. Why would I perform that action?

A very annoying habit I keep seeing is pages begging for likes or engagement. While uploading pictures of kittens and asking for likes may actually generate you some likes, are those likes really relevant to you? I am going to be blunt here: Unless you are a pet store, chances are you just wasted your time.

Keep the content focused around your brand, or at least in the same industry. Examples of content you may want to post is:

[list icon=”moon-bullhorn” color=”#ff0000″]News from your industry[/list]
[list icon=”moon-bullhorn” color=”#ff0000″]Interesting Uses for your products[/list]
[list icon=”moon-bullhorn” color=”#ff0000″]Teasers to content on your website[/list]
[list icon=”moon-bullhorn” color=”#ff0000″]Ideas that include your product or service as part of a workflow[/list]


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Write engaging Content

Make sure that your content is engaging. It’s best to offer something, but don’t spill it all. Keep the content around 200 characters and always invite users to read more on your website.

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Add a Link

Use an URL shortener to make the links more manageable. Bit.ly will allow you to specify your own custom URL. Make your url relevant and stand out in order to get more clicks.

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Keep things cheerful

Positive posts tend to drive more engagement and more sharing. Try exciting and inspiring your users.

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Add Images

Having an image in a post is a MUST. Do not rely on your open graph to add images automatically. What do you think looks better? The phone on the left has an image inserted, while the phone on the left relies on the open graph image.

Facebook Post on an Iphone

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Make it mobile friendly

Make sure that your photo is simple enough so that it appears nicely on mobile devices. If your picture is simple, then viewers will get the message right away, which for mobile users often means a conversion, like or share.

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Engage with Your Users

Keep the conversation going and always reply to your user’s posts and comments. This builds relationships with your customers and drives brand engagement. Also make sure to always monitor the comments feed.

If you get bad reviews, don’t just delete them. Try to openly resolve the issue right away. By doing so publicly, you show that you care about customer feedback. After addressing the issue openly, invite the user to send you a private message or email.

Know when to share

It is important to know when to share your content with your Facebook audience. If you push an update while your target audience is watching, odds are you will show up on the top of their newsfeed.
Best times to post on Facebook

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New Business or Startup Company?

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If you are a new company that is just starting up, do not hesitate to buy some advertising in order to boost the popularity of your post. Facebook allows you to do advanced targeting for your ad, which will allow you to reach a far wider audience than just the few people liking your page and your friends. I am talking about reaching a few thousands of visitors with one post, compared to a few hundred.

[button link=”http://tdlabs.ca/social-media-management” target=”_blank” icon=”moon-bubbles-3″ color=”#ffffff” text=”dark”]We can help you set it up[/button]

If you have any questions or would like to add anything, feel free to reply using one of the providers below.

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