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3 Reasons for having a Privacy Policy for your website

Here are three simple reasons for getting a Privacy Policy section for your website:

  1. E-CommerceYour privacy policy will serve as the contract between you and the customers visiting your website. Sales and deliveries as well as warranties and any other post purchase services would be carried out in accordance with your privacy policy. Any potential disputes will also be handled in accordance with the privacy policy
  2. Blogs/Contributed Content: You may explain what kind of content you allow on your blog or forum. This will allow you to moderate content without running into trouble with your third party contributors.
  3. Collecting E-Mail Addresses (Newsletters): This is probably the most important reason. If you have any kind of contact box on your site which requires an email input (chances are you do), then your customers will want to know what you will be doing with their emails and how their private information will be collected, stored and used. (See the TD Labs privacy statement as an example)

Legal Perspective

From a legal perspective, online business has evolved to use standardized “Privacy Policy” or  just as in the physical world. E-commerce legislation has been modernized for these types of interactions. Your online customers or visitors can now click on an icon or check box in order to accept your privacy policy. Section 38 of the Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002 states that before a consumer enters into an Internet agreement, the supplier must disclose specific information about, among other things, the total price of the good(s) or service(s), the terms of payment, and warranties. Subsection 38( 2) states: “ The supplier shall provide the consumer with an express opportunity to accept or decline the agreement. . . .”.

In order to ensure that your policies or are valid and admissible in legal disputes, you will need to allow customers to check a box which states that they understand the Privacy Policy and agree to it. Once the form is submitted a unique identifier should be generated for the submission and saved within your database.

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