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Let our SEO team work to get your website the exposure it needs.

Websites don’t rank high in search engine results by accident

Search Engine optimization or SEO is a vital component of your online marketing strategy. There is no point in having a beautiful website, if it does not get any traffic. At TD Labs we will create an inbound marketing strategy that is right for your company and industry. Our step by step approach lets you start up with a smaller search engine optimization budget and allows you to grow it as results start to show. It is that simple.

Why you need to consider Search Engine Optimization

While our websites are designed to organically propagate your content to search engines, this process takes time to complete and can sometimes lead to disappointing results.

The game is simple: It’s about who you know and how well you are connected. 91% of adults use search engines to find content. This has led many companies to compete for the top search engine placement. This brings on the challenge: A website can’t just be written as a regular written text. It needs to impress both your visitors and search engines. Beyond that, your content must be liked and linked to by various sources.

By performing search engine optimization for your website we not only increase the quantity of traffic but also the quality.

Our Workflow


Establish a list of keywords that provide the optimum balance between popularity and competition for your industry.


Develop Content that matches those keywords;


Refactor existing content and copy to satisfy SEO requirements

Submit your website to appropriate directories

Create and Distribute Press rleases related to your products and services.

Establish Relationships with Online Bloggers and Influencers on your behalf

Measurable and Lasting Results

Most SEO companies are reluctant to guarantee results or tangible improvements to your business. While search engine optimization depends on a lot of external factors such as the level of competition in your industry as well as the nature of your service, we base our milestones on measurable KPIs.

What are our KPIs?

Here are our key performance indicators listed by importance:

  • SERP (Search Engine Placement) – Your Position for a particular keyword within the search results.
  • Targeted Traffic – Traffic that is likely to make a purchase
  • Conversion Rate – The amount of users that actually makes a purchase
  • Domain Ranking – Any Search Engine Optimization effort is pretty much multiplied by your domain ranking
  • Trust Ranking – 
  • Social Shares – Indicate the popularity of your brand and allows you to measure brand perception

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