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Online Marketing


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Smart Websites


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Inbound Marketing


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Content Engagement


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A high ranking in search engines is a side-effect of high relevance to a given keyword.

It is a known fact that if you rank higher in a search engine for a particular keyword, you will automatically gain more visitors and conversions.

SEO’s have been devising clever strategies to get sites to rank high for years. These strategies involved bending google’s perception in order to make a keyword rank a specific¬†page.

This approach is fundamentally flawed. Search Engines spend extreme amounts of time and resources in order to do the opposite. Which means that with time, all traditional SEO efforts depreciate over time, requiring expensive maintenance costs that increase over time.

This nightmare can be avoided by looking at SEO differently. Optimizing a page for search engines means giving search engine’s the opportunity to know what the page is about. Accurately.

A Fresh Approach

We’d like to steer you clear of that nightmare by re-imagining what SEO should really mean.

Instead of advanced web-sorcery, we define SEO as a simple checklist to making sure that a webpage is semantically correct and properly represents all the information to automated search engines and other content indexers.

Simply put, SEO tells other sites what your site is about. This is not only limited to search engines, but to directories, private crawlers and other devices, such as screen readers.

The Impact of SEO

What is the actual impact of SEO on your Search Engine Results Placement (SERP)?

Shocking isn’t it?

SEO is a supporting activity. Similar to formatting a document to improving its readability.

Source: MOZ

How Our SEO helps you

Being part of our routine web design process, we optimize your content on pages to ensure that search engines can understand the structure of your site, and drive more relevant traffic.

On Page Optimizations

We optimize the content on your pages to ensure that users know what they are clicking into. Bounces due to misleading descriptions or titles, will actually cause google to rank your site lower for a given keyword.

Semantic Microdata

Microdata defines custom content structures present on the page. It tells Google when a product is listed, where the reviews are, how many stars a product or service has, what the price is, where your office is located and much more.

That information is picked up and displayed in a useful manner to the user, making it easier to prevent bounces and improve user experience.

Keep in mind: A happy user is a user more likely to convert.

Structural Optimizations

How is the site structured? How are pages nested? How often does your site change?

This and more information helps google and other search engines display relevant links under your main result, helping visitors find their way around your site faster.


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