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We believe in fast websites. Having a fast and responsive website not only gets you a better spot on the google search, but it also allows your visitors to find their information faster. Simply put it gives your site and conversions a boost. So far all our websites used basic CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to serve visitors content in the fastest way possible, and the results were astonishing.

We don’t want it to just stop there. As of December 16th 2011, we will accelerate websites even further.

What’s the difference

Up until now, we were spreading your static content (pictures videos etc) around making sure that visitors get the fastest route. Here is our impact for the last 30 days.[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″]REQ 62,598 requests saved of 114,742 total requests[/column][column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]MB 664.2 MB bandwidth saved of 1.5 GB total bandwidth [/column]

This means that we were able to accelerate almost 50% of your requests and they were served using a content distribution network, making your site faster for the user.

Increasing Speed even more

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The above stats represent the “before” stats. We are looking to increase power even more. That is why, starting December 16th, we will start caching the most frequently accessed pages of your site. The first 199 pages with the highest traffic flowing through them will be completely stored on the cloud, making them blazing fast to your visitors and to bots.


Increasing Security

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Advanced Security is like a web application firewall (WAF) that exceeds OWASP standards. It runs in real-time, preventing automated attacks, SQL injection, XSS javascript injections and a host of other real-time POST attacks.

This will make your site impenetrable to hackers and other malicious users that will try to spread malware or try to overload the server and stall your site.

Your website will scramble e-mail addresses on your web pages, thwarting bots from discovering and spamming them, while keeping them visible to humans.

This feature will also become available to our Maintenance Subscribers.


SSL Support

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This feature will encrypt the connection to your site. When the user accesses your site using https://, the connection will be encrypted using a 256 bit encryption key, making it impossible for anyone nearby to sniff your client’s personal information and steal it. This gives your clients piece of mind.

All of these features and even more will be added on at no cost to you, our valued TDLabs Maintenance Customers.


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